INYUDA Wishes you a prosperous New Year


In the past 2021 year, we have new parterners from Europ, Middle East, East South Asia, and North America, We are here to say: Thanks for your support! We will keep stick into product quality and afte

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INYUDA latest Mini OPS--AM450 International mini size of OPS computer for interactive whiteboard


AM450 mini OPS computer integrates powerful functions, supports HDMI high-definition output interface, supports 4K@60Hz ultra-clear display output, the maximum resolution can reach: 4096x2304; supports double RJ45, 4 USB3.0, 2 USB2.0 and 1 Type The C 3.1 interface perfectly fits the latest technology trends; the most commendable thing is that this OPS computer is only 180*119*30mm in size and still uses a powerful mini fan to better maintain computer performance and cool down. It is compatible with all Intel Whiskey Lake FCBGA1528 Core I3/I5/I7 8th generation processors to meet the needs of different customers.

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INYUDA OPS mini pc advantages, why choose us?


Below is INYUDA OPS mini PC advantages:1. INYUDA independently research and develop the motherboard, accept OEM, ODM customization.2. INYUDA always insist on using brand new origin

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INYUDA OPS mini pc introduction


Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) is a plug-in format for computing modules that can be used to add computing power to flat panel displays. The format was first announced by NEC, Intel and Microsoft

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INYUDA Newest OPS computer H410 compatible with Intel 10th Processor


Last year, INYUDA launched a new OPS computer H310 in June, which compatible with 6-9th generation LGA1151 desktop CPU core I3/ I5/ I7. Within the same year, INYUDA start plan

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INYUDA's latest X86 H310 chip OPS industrial computer is compatible with Intel 6th to 9th generation LGA1151 CPUs


Inyuda H310 OPS computer integrates powerful functions, supports VGA, HDMI, DP multiple high-definition output interfaces, supports 4K@60Hz extremely clear display output, and meets different customer needs; supports 6 USB3.0 and a Type C 3.1 interface , Perfectly in line with the latest technological trends; the most worth mentioning is that this OPS computer is super compatible with Intel's 9th, 8th, 7th, and 6th generation LGA1151 desktop CPUs, using copper tube temperature-controlled fans. Wind design, Celeron, Pentium, Core I3, I5, I7, I9 and other CPUs can all support.

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Important Notice for INYUDA Face Rcognition AI Thermal Scanner


Ai thermal face recognition access attendace door lock system

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Ai thermal Imaging Scanner


Face recognition security terminal manage employee's attendance, detect temperatures, mask abnormal warning

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INYUDA Newest OPS mini PC-H110 in Mass Production Now


OPS mini PC-H110, with double DDR4 Memory slot, houeses 6-7th Gen Intel CPU I3/ I5/ I7

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