Ai thermal Imaging Scanner

2020-05-11 17:10:55

At the end of 2019, there is COVID 19 spread out from Wuhan, China, and then it goes to worldwide.

It is spread easily and quickly, since China is the first place to find this virus, so China becomes the first place that suppress it.

We follows government instruction, stay at home and reduce all the activities that need go out.

Turns out that we did it, so we are now in normal condition, ware masks and go to work.

While as the most significant symptoms is fever, so every company need check employees temperature everyday three times to make sure we can detect abnormal temperature at the first time, avoid aggregate interference.

So INYUDA brings its latest prodcuts: Ai thermal imaging face recognition security control system

Multiple Choice(detect one by one or high throughput camera), high accuracy(0.3 degree), quick response--within 200ms reponse time.