Important Notice for INYUDA Face Rcognition AI Thermal Scanner

2020-05-27 18:32:25

Today we found out that if you cover the forehead and wear a mask, then the device can not read the temperature or recognize you, you can not ask a device to know you when you wear a mask, also you can not request a thermometer to read your temperature when you covered your forehead.

Please make sure you have your forehead seen before the device/ or take off the mask when you stand before our smart device.

You can wear a mask to do face recognition by add your photo with mask on your face, while the error will be 5% as there is not a full face in record and on live. 

So if you want use face recognition to manage employees attendance, then they should not wear mask when standing in front of the smart device. 

If you need wear mask even have mask abnormal warning you can not use face recognition, but only the thermal imaging scanner to act as non-contact thermometer. You can set the access system with correct temperature.

These two can not be realized at the same time. So make sure what you need for your device and let me know before it ship out.