INYUDA OPS mini pc introduction

2021-06-17 17:28:22

Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) is a plug-in format for computing modules that can be used to add computing power to flat panel displays. The format was first announced by NEC, Intel and Microsoft in 2010.

The OPS format computing module can run on Intel and ARM-based CPUs, and the operating systems include Microsoft Windows and Google Android. JAETX25 plug and TX24 socket, 80-pin electric shock. Support HDMI/VGA playback interface, audio interface, Ethernet port, 6xUSB interface, etc.


OPS is also a mini host, embedded host, which contains necessary computer accessories such as CPU, memory, hard disk, etc. This kind of plug-in host is mostly used in digital signage, teaching and conference all-in-one, one machine is multi-purpose, and a large screen is realized by adding a camera. Remote meeting, through the addition of an electronic whiteboard to achieve meeting writing, marking, etc., is also an intelligent substitute for blackboards in teaching activities, no dust, one-click erasing, saving time and effort.

In the course of use, the main benefit of OPS is that it is very easy to replace the computing module (host) in the event of a failure, thereby reducing downtime and maintenance costs. The components of the OPS host are simple and easy to understand and can be easily dismantled, which saves time and manpower and material resources for maintenance.

The founder of Inyuda began to contact OPS computers in 2014. In 2016, he established a company to develop and produce OPS computers. In 2017, it officially changed its name to Inventive. Shenzhen Inyuda Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established to engage in the development and production of computer software and hardware. Sales, from the first 2nd and 3rd generation HM75 OPS mainframes, to the H410 with 10th generation Intel CPU mainframes, we have been working hard and growing together with our customers.


Inyuda has two specifications of OPS, one is a common domestic standard motherboard, and the case has three thicknesses of 195*180*42 /33/30MM, 42MM thickness OPS can add a serial line to provide customers in need; The other is a mini motherboard, the chassis size is 180*119*30MM, the international standard size.