INYUDA OPS mini pc advantages, why choose us?

2021-08-11 14:17:17

Below is INYUDA OPS mini PC advantages:

1. INYUDA independently research and develop the motherboard, accept OEM, ODM customization.

2. INYUDA always insist on using brand new original chips and materials, such as CPU sockets, BGA chips, memory slots and PICE slots all use Foxconn original materials , screen adopt international brands such as Samsung and LG, and RAM, SSD are compatible with international brand such as Kingston, Samsung and Tigo. We use all solid capacitors, industrial level products, ensure the long-term stability of the company’s product quality and long-term uniform specifications.

3. Inyuda H110 H310 H410 OPS computer integrates powerful functions in one, support VGA, HDMI, DP multiple high-definition output interface, support 60HZ display chip. Now tested by us, HDMI up to 3840x2160 ultra HD resolution, DP up to 4096x2160 UHD resolution.

4. Support dual channel DDR4 memory, compatible with mSATA, SATA, M.2 triple channel hard disk, support dual memory up to 64GB, single memory up to 32GB, SSD up to 2TB.

5. After testing, our mSATA SSD read and write speed can reach 3500MB/S and General SATA SSD read and write speed is only 500MB/s.

6. It supports original USB3.1 type C interface, 6*3.0USB ports, double RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet 

7. When the OPS computer system has an repeatable problem, there is no need to send it back for repairs. We have developed a one-key restore button. You only need to press and hold the restore button to restore the system, remember save your important files into D disk in advance.

So when you choose us, we will provide in-time service and prompt delivery; our quality ensured as we use brand materials, we keep updating into latest version with intel chipset, make sure that meets all customers requirements.