INYUDA latest Mini OPS--AM450 International mini size of OPS computer for interactive whiteboard

2021-10-10 10:30:08

Following the production of a new generation of OPS computers in our company’s R&D department in March this year, this Golden October, we have successfully launched a current flagship OPS mini computer—AM450 mini OPS computer


AM450 mini OPS computer integrates powerful functions, supports HDMI high-definition output interface, supports 4K@60Hz ultra-clear display output, the maximum resolution can reach: 4096x2304; supports double RJ45, 4 USB3.0, 2 USB2.0 and 1 Type The C 3.1 interface perfectly fits the latest technology trends; the most commendable thing is that this OPS computer is only 180*119*30mm in size and still uses a powerful mini fan to better maintain computer performance and cool down. It is compatible with all Intel Whiskey Lake FCBGA1528 Core I3/I5/I7 8th generation processors to meet the needs of different customers. 

The back cover can be easier take off and convenience for you to swap memory and hard disk.


AM450 mini OPS computer can be connected to the display device through the 80PIN JAE plug-in interface, which better separates the computer PC and the display device to facilitate the maintenance, replacement, and upgrade of computer components. It supports DDR4 memory, up to 32GB, compatible with mSATA hard drives; supports dual network port channel network interfaces; meets all kinds of teaching machines, conference all-in-one machines, electronic whiteboards, projectors, and advertisements The upgrade of the machine and the needs of all kinds of customers.


Our products are in compliance with international standards and will undergo rigorous and professional testing before shipment. In order to satisfy customers, we have always insisted on using brand new original chips and materials, such as CPU slots, memory card slots, PCIE slots, etc., all using Foxconn original materials. When you choose us, we will definitely provide timely services and professional answers. While creating high-standard industrial control products, we are also striving to maintain the company's leading edge in the industry.